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Karu Research x Goodfight Orchid Bowler Shirt Blue

In Goodfight’s debut season with international retailers, we released a very special camp collar shirt that featured a sukajan-style Japanese satin and the intricate embroidery of two unique blossoming Venus flytrap plants. The plant, known for the aggressive look of its carnivorous leaves, produces a beautiful flower and is actually quite sensitive and challenging to keep alive. For us, the Venus Bowler represents the paradoxical idea that strength can be found in weakness. Kartik immediately zero’d in on the style when discussing with Calvin Nguyen what could be fun to make together: the result was a Karu Research take on one Goodfight’s most iconic styles. Cut in the a hand-loomed silk colored with natural dye, Kartik utilized an embroidery technique called “adde ki karigari” which means “work done on a wooden frame to which the fabric is tied” to create the forms of orchid blossoms. The change in flowers was inspired by he and Calvin’s shared connections to Singapore, where a resilient hybrid orchid called Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim is the national flower, its unique year-round bloom representing the nation’s unrelenting strength and hybrid culture.

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