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December 04, 2022

"Hello, World!"

If you recognize that phrase then you're from a bygone era when people started trading in their diaries for a digital entry-box where they could spill their guts to anyone who cared to peruse their page. We were still scrolling vertically then, only on a desktop instead of a phone, and usually within a single person’s stream of consciousness versus a “feed” of different individuals & brands.

And while someone more qualified should chronicle the evolution of blogs, online editorials, tumblrs, forums, & social media—some way some how we’ve wound our way through all the different options to find ourselves back at “the source” because we wanted a quiet space to talk to YOU. And sometimes 280—even 2,200—characters isn’t enough. Sometimes we don’t want things to only exist as a flashy image or video box that gets tapped, scrolled past, and forgotten in a matter of seconds. We want to put our flag in that proverbial hill and say “This happened!” or “We love this!” and allow it to exist in digital perpetuity.

So here we are. “Hello, YOU!”

If you’re here, thank you for coming; you’re one of the curious ones, the kind of person who is like us. And if this is my time to spill my guts then I want to spend it by taking a moment to cherish my partners and say, damn, I’m really grateful for you guys. Sometimes we’re so busy working on one thing and planning for the next that we forget to take a beat and look at everything we’ve done. It’s A LOT. I'm proud of you guys. I'm proud of US. #goodfight

- Caleb


Goodfight Team

photo Keith Oshiro

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