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December 21, 2023

Good Life - Joonmo Kim of Maru Coffee

"People ask me all the time how Joonmo and I met. The truth is, the story isn't all that exciting, although that's probably what makes it more meaningful. When Christina and I first started going to Maru, we'd always bring our weird girl Isabel, a greyhound rescue, and Joonmo, who's a dog-lover, eventually came over to say hi to Izzy. Over time our regular greetings turned into longer conversations, which eventually turned into meals, drinks, and late-night commiseration (over more drinks). Years later--it feels crazy saying that--I'm so happy to call him "friend" and one of the most solid individuals I know. Many of you have seen Joonmo around Maru Coffee, which he and his cofounder Jacob Park (along with their incredible team) have built into the most popular coffee shop(s) in LA right now. He'll usually be cleaning, talking to customers, or otherwise engaged in some other activity that doesn't indicate he is actually one of the owners of the establishment. He's one of the most generous and thoughtful people I know--if you're reading this Joonmo, don't let it get to your head! ;-)--and once you get to know him there's a hilarious mischievous side with a wildly fun dry sense of humor. We literally wouldn't be where we are without him, and we are so pleased to continue our 'Good Life' conversations with him. So without further ado...."

- Caleb

Myles Hendrik - What's your definition of the perfect Sunday?

A day without a schedule. I like Sundays when I wake up without a set time, grabbing coffee at Maru & seeing friendly faces, lunch or dinner with friends/family, a nightcap, then being sucked into the couch.

Who makes you laugh the most?

My dog Riley makes me laugh the most. Everything she does is funny and a little bit silly. There is so much joy that dogs bring to life and you only know if you have one.

Top 3 Comfort Foods (dishes)?

My ultimate comfort food is the Dwenjang Jjigye (soybean paste soup) and burnt rice soup (Nooloongji) combo--something that my grandma and I ate all the time growing up. Second is Jja Jang Myun (black bean noodle) - one of my all time favorites as a kid and there are happy memories linked to this dish. I would eat this everyday if it was healthy. Third is anything Kimchi. Kimchi Jjigye, Kimchi fried rice, Kimchi pancakes, Fried Kimchi with tofu, radish kimchi, etc. I need kimchi when I eat steak.

What makes LA home?

The people. My wife, friends, family, friends that became family, Maru team, and the familiar people I often see at my favorite businesses.

What’s your question for the next person?

If all your memories were to be erased but you get to keep one, what one memory would you keep? Please describe it specifically.

Photographer: Angella Choe

Joonmo wears the Sammy Double Breasted Blazer, Freestyle Buttondown Shirt, Permapress Trousers PS, & Solovair Gibsons and then the Freestyle Buttondown Shirt & Florider Denim Trouser in Diamond Stitch Indigo.


Goodfight - Joonmo Kim of Maru Coffee

Goodfight - Joonmo Kim of Maru Coffee

Goodfight - Joonmo Kim of Maru Coffee

Goodfight - Joonmo Kim of Maru Coffee

Goodfight - Joonmo Kim of Maru Coffee

Goodfight - Joonmo Kim of Maru Coffee

Goodfight - Joonmo Kim of Maru Coffee

Goodfight - Joonmo Kim of Maru Coffee

Goodfight - Joonmo Kim of Maru Coffee


"Good Life" is an ongoing conversation with special people in our community. We've always understood that we are the sum of the people around us, and you can find out more about Goodfight by learning more about THEM.

Each Good Life interview is ended with subjects leaving a question for the next person without knowing who they will be--this creates an unbroken line of communication between people who are mostly complete strangers, ironically unaware of how they are unwittingly connected through various relationships in our world.

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